Shipping your new puppy is easy, safe and convenient, enabling you to buy the puppy you’ve always dreamed of, even if it’s in another state!

As of May 1st, 2018 Commercial airlines will NOT ship any snub-nosed breeds as cargo. We have made these alternatives to help resolve the transportation needs for your new addition.

Puppies must be paid for in full before shipping and buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping.  When your puppy has reached 8 weeks of age it is old enough to be shipped.  Before shipping, we will have your puppy examined by our veterinarian to ensure he/she is in perfect health and fit for shipping.  Your puppy will be issued a Health Certificate which is required by both air and ground carriers.

We prefer you come in person to pickup the puppy.  When possible, we will deliver him/her to your home or an agreed location at a reasonable distance from our home for a nominal fee.  The fee will have to be calculated by mileage round-trip from our location.


By Air

We have met many puppy buyers at the airport for them to pick up their puppy for a small fee.  We can meet you at BOI, Boise, Idaho airport ($50 fee) or PDX, Portland International Airport, Portland, Oregon ($100 fee).

By Ground

If your puppy must be transported (by transport service other then ours)  such transportation will be at the discretion and of the new owner.  We will not responsible for illness, injury, or death caused by or during shipping or transport after the puppy leaves our care. This is due to possible exposure to other animals beyond our control.