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  1. Great kennel, WONDERFUL breeder & EXCELLENT DOGS!!

    -“Baby boy Teal” (born from the Dec2014 litter) is the pride and joy of our family. Our boy is everything we were looking for and so much more! His wonderful temperment and oustanding alliegence to our family is priceless!! We couldn’t be more happier with Luna Ray Boxers! The breed was our family preference but the breeder was the best choice we made. The knowlege and compassion for the boxer breed as well as the wonderful temperament of their dogs was impressive! We fell in love immediately! The day we brought him home we didn’t just walk away with a dog, we walked away with a friendship!! 

    -“For the LOVE of the breed, to BETTER the breed!”
    #boxerlove #proudboxermama #Nero

  2. Beautiful site, wonderful breed, beautiful puppies. I am a boxer person. We have had them and loved them for years…

  3. Your Boxers are so Beautiful we cant wait to have 1 of your puppies..all we can say is wow .

  4. I mailed a deposit for a future puppy on April 5, 2018. I know it will be awhile, am so very excited…I share the past puppy litter pictures w our older boxer Arlo….I know he understands ♡

  5. You are very welcome. I believe it is important to dispel myths and replace them with genetic proven facts. That being a pure black boxer is not a genetic possible. Boxers do not carry a gene for the coat color black. They only carry a gene for the accessory black brindle marking. Big difference.

  6. We have had boxers for 50 years and never knew about the black boxer. I love your website and would like to get any updates you may post. We currently have two fawn 8.5 year old boys. We have a quarter horse ranch and have found the boxers to be very good companions for our stud. They actually keep each other company.

  7. We r so looking forward to our new puppy….Arlo, our 9 year old Brindle Boxer, has been such a blessing to our family and so ever present and protective of our 6 year old grt granddaughter. Did I mention how he is so watchful of our hens?

  8. I have had 4 boxers, my last one just passed away. When i am ready, I would love to talk with you about having one or 2 of your puppies. They are absolutely beatiful and you should be proud. The European boxer is my favorite too.

  9. Would like to be able to sign into your website to see boxers. Don’t see a place to do that. Our almost 13 year old boxer died in January 2018. Feeling like I am ready for a new boxer in our lives. They are such affectionate dogs.

  10. Only the webmaster/admin is allowed to log in. The website should be visible without any sort of registering or logging in. Thank you.

  11. We just got our third boxer from Kelli, our sixth boxer over the last 30 years. Our boxers from Kelli have the best temperament of all the boxers we have had. At the time we got our first boxer we had three young children that hung on them, push, pull and at times tried riding them. The dogs are great, we love the.

  12. Thank you, Sandra. We are so happy you are a part of the Luna Ray Boxer family. Cheers!

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