All Puppies From This Beautiful Pair Have Found Their Forever Homes
Jarno Von Haus Sonnenstrahl (Rome) x Prue Del Honos (Dear Prudence)
Whelp Date: 16 February 2017 


The puppies really enjoy their Esbilac 2nd Step Puppy Weaning Food
and what they cannot finish, Momma is happy to come in and clean up for them.

At 3 weeks old, the puppies are starting to show their playful sides and personalities are developing.  It’s really fun to watch when they realize they can growl and so they practice growling at each other or me for every little touch they feel is inappropriate.  

The puppies are 3 weeks old now and have learned how to make themselves heard.  In this series of videos, Mom is back from spending some time with her humans and now it’s feeding time but she wants to make sure she gets some dinner first.  Much to the protests of 8 angry babies.  Watch them as each one makes his or her feelings known while they wait, rather indignantly, for Mom to sooth their rumbling tummies.