On behalf of the Luna Ray Boxers family our hearts go out to our community during this time of disruption and uncertainty associated with COVID-19.  We want to assure our followers and new puppy owners that we have reviewed our cleaning and sanitizing procedures and are already following current CDC.gov guidelines for cleaning and contact with our pets as well as following veterinary standards set by the World Health Organization for Animals (OIE) in conjunction with the World Veterinary Association (WVA).  Luna Ray Boxers is committed to pet safety and well-being and are doing our part to help stop the spread of this virus by practicing social distancing while maintaining our ability to bring you your newest family member safely.

We understand the need for people to stay connected during this uncertain time and what better way than with our beloved dogs and pets who stick by our sides with love, devotion and amusement.  We encourage you to share what you’ve read, watched, or tried.  Did you learn something new?  Has your pup learned a new trick?  Share it with us on social media with the hashtag #lunarayboxers. We can’t wait to hear from you and remember even small acts of kindness can bring communities together.

We have included links below so you can research how Covid-19 is thought to affect us and our animal friends.

To read the joint OIE/WVA statement follow this web address.

For FAQ please follow this web address from the OIE/VWA

For information from the USA CDC regarding Covid-19 please follow this web address

Take care and be well!”


Welcome to Luna Ray Boxers.  I’d like to start by telling you a little bit about myself.   I fell in love with the Boxer breed in 2009 when I got my first Boxer puppy, Arley, from a local breeder.  That was it, I was hooked.   With more and more research into the breed my love grew and before long I became interested in showing and breeding Boxers and in 2012 I got my first show dog. Like me, many people seek Boxers because they are attracted to their physical appearance, reputation as a family dog and good temperament. Most Boxers live up to these expectations and usually exceed them which is a great reason to find a breeder who aptitude tests their puppies. Boxers tend to share their affection but are still protective of their family and grounds.  Luna Ray Boxers is committed to breeding to maintain those character traits and more specifically the European standard because I admire the look of a heavily muscled dog with a square head that exudes strength and working ability while at the same time being a loving and gentle companion.   We are confident our Boxers will meet your expectations 100%.  Every Boxer puppy we sell comes with AKC Registration and a one year health guarantee.  We are sure your Boxer will be the dog that you have been looking for and more. 

We at Luna Ray Boxers are hobby breeders specializing in the European –original type Boxer. Therefore, I encourage you to contact us early to get on our current waiting list.  Every boxer pictured on our website is either one of our own dogs, or a dog out of one of our litters.